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Staff 2016

Our Medical Staff

Donald Levick, M.D., MBA
Dr. Levick is the medical director of the Center and has over 25 years of experience in this field.

Renee Morrow-Connelly, D.O.
Dr. Morrow-Connelly has been with the Center since 2002 and has an interest in caring for infants and young children with Down syndrome.

Scott Rice, M.D.
Dr. Rice joined the medical staff of EPDSC in 2009 and enjoys caring for children with Down syndrome and interacting with and supporting their families.


In addition to our physicians, your child will be assessed by an occupational therapist who will look at his/her developmental skills, movement patterns, activity of daily living skills (feeding, dressing, toileting, bathing etc) and communication skills. Recommendations will be made during your visit that can be shared with your team of professionals.

Center Coordinators

Anne Marie Dolinish-Meltzer- B.S. Nursing
Anne Marie has been one of the Center coordinators since 1999. She is the mother of three children, her oldest son having Down syndrome. Anne Marie is a crucial part of the Center’s activities.

Maria Floryshak- B.S. Individual and Family Studies
Maria joined the Center as a coordinator in 2005. She is instrumental in coordinating the efforts of the Center and has a daughter with Down syndrome.

Patricia Mertz- B.S Elementary Education
Patti has also been one of the Center coordinators since 1999. She serves as the educational consultant and office manager. She has three children, her oldest son having Down syndrome who is a college student.

Kathleen Christie
Kathy became a Center Coordinator in 2014.  She has three children and a nephew with Down syndrome.  Kathy is also a NICU nurse and has tenderly cared for many children with Down syndrome.

Administrative Assistant

Claire Dainese, our administrative assistant, addresses all billing/insurance paperwork. She is an integral part of our team by providing her expertise with Center sponsored events and activities along with her administrative duties.

Development and Event Coordinator

Melissia Baker – B.A. Psychology, Melissia has been the Development & Event Coordinator since 2015.   Her focus is to to help bring families together to help support one another, raise Down Syndrome Awareness, and to offer events to our EPDSC members and the community.

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