Medical Evaluation questions

  • How can I make an appointment for my family member at the Center?
    To make an appointment at the Center simply call the office at 610-402-0184 and leave a message stating you’re interested in having your family member evaluated. A member of our office staff will return your call to obtain the necessary information to begin the process.
  • How long can we expect our appointment to last?
    Generally, appointments are scheduled in hour and a half time slots. If you have questions or concerns that extend beyond the appointment time, one of the coordinators can continue to address your concerns or schedule time for you to meet a coordinator on another day free of charge.
  • What happens during an appointment?
    The time is dedicated to addressing your questions and concerns about your family member with Down syndrome. We start by asking which issues are most important to you so that you leave with your concerns being addressed. A physical exam and developmental screening will be conducted by our staff and you will receive a packet of information, recommendations, and a full write up at the end of the evaluation.
  • Can we bring other family members with us to our appointment?
    Absolutely! A part of the mission of the EPDSC is to educate the public about Down syndrome. Family members are often the best advocates and want to learn all they can about Down syndrome.
  • Do I need a referral to be seen?
    Coming to the center is like seeing any specialist. If you need a referral for a specialist appointment, you’ll need a referral for your appointment with us.
  • What types of insurance does the EPDSC accept?
    The Center accepts all types of in state insurance. You can always call our office for specific questions about insurance. We do not turn away anyone due to payment issues.