The Personal Side of Down syndrome when a Doctor delivers a diagnosis of Down syndrome they share all of the medical research, statistics and health related information with you. What they can’t tell you is the personal side of Down syndrome and that can make all the difference in the world. Below are various stories and testimonials about what it is like to love someone with Down syndrome. These are the things that a medical professional can’t tell you, and what is the most important. 

One of our amazing EPDSC families, the Farrells, were included in the book “GIFTS: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives.” Below is their contribution to the book.


by Dena Castellano-Farrell

It’s nearly dinnertime. I’m sitting in the living room, savoring the smell of food coming from the kitchen, and smiling at my three boys. Garrett, age six is leading his brothers in an energetic version of Ring around the Rosy. Braeden, age five, is putting his heart and soul into the song as he teaches his little brother Griffin, ag… Read More

Dear Self

I see you, walking into the OBGYN office without a care in the world. At 14 weeks pregnant, you’re feeling happy and glowing, despite the constant horrid nausea. I watch you settle into the exam room and see your surprise when a doctor other than the one you were expecting walks in the room. But she seems nice, so you chit chat for a bit whi… Read More

Self Advocate

by Catherine Riley

Catherine is a 33 year old assistant. Catherine achieved that position based upon hands-on training she received in her high school transition program. Impressed with her skills, the district hired her upon graduation and promoted her from office work to classroom assistant. She currently works in the 1st and 2nd grade incl… Read More