Jeans for Genes

Jeans for Genes Day: Partner with Us!

Invite your your school, business or organization to participate in a fun and impactful fundraising event called Jeans for Genes Day on Thursday, March 21st, 2024. This event aims to raise awareness about Down syndrome and support the important work of the Eastern Pennsylvania Down Syndrome Center (EPDSC).

Down syndrome occurs when an individual has three copies of the 21st chromosome, instead of the usual two. This causes a range of developmental delays and unique challenges, but also incredible strengths and abilities.

Through Jeans for Genes Day, your students or staff can show their support and solidarity with individuals with Down syndrome by wearing jeans and a special Jeans for Genes sticker on March 21st. In exchange for a suggested donation of $5 per participant, everyone will receive a sticker to wear proudly throughout the day.

Here’s how your school can participate:

  1. Spread the word! Announce the event to students, staff, and parents through announcements, posters, and school newsletters.
  2. Collect donations: Set up a designated location in the school to collect $5 donations from participants.
  3. Distribute stickers: On March 21st, hand out the Jeans for Genes stickers to everyone who has donated.
  4. Share the fun! Encourage participants to take pictures and share them on social media using the hashtag #JeansforGenesEPDSC.

By participating in Jeans for Genes Day, your school can:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of Down syndrome within your school community.
  • Promote inclusivity and acceptance of all individuals.
  • Contribute to the vital work of the EPDSC in supporting individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

We believe that this event can be a fun and educational experience for everyone involved, while also making a positive impact on a worthy cause.

To sign up visit or contact Kerri DiDario with questions at

Jeans for Genes Day: Join us in raising awareness for Down syndrome!